Thursday, November 19, 2015

My review of MM7: Designing and Teaching a course with Moodle with Dr. Ludmila Smirnova


Ludmila’s session introduced me to the way she creates, develops and facilitates her Moodle courses. her presentation was well organized. I was impressed by the amount of information she delivered in a calm, relaxed way. I certainly learned a lot from her (more on this below).
I did not connect with other participants, as I watched a recording of the session.
I am quite interested in the design and creation of Moodle courses, so this session has catered to my interests.
One thought that went through my mind during the event is that I agree with the presenter in that we have to try, take risks and not be afraid to fail when creating, developing and facilitating a course. I do that for sure.
I felt very good during the session, as I heard what I wanted to hear. The session certainly met my expectations.
The challenge I keep  encountering in implementing some of the ideas has to do with
convincing Ministry of Education  people who have a say (and decision making power) that since we in Israel have access to a  Moodle platform in many schools (in other words, lots of teachers  at our disposal here, we should help teachers learn and use it with their pupils. Training teachers in a Ministry of Education framework is, I believe, a must so that teachers do not have to look for courses everywhere (most are expensive) because it is in the interest of the Ministry to help teachers learn and use Moodle
I have taken steps can you take to resolve this  challenges: I have been trying to get those who can make it possible for me to teach teachers of English in Israel give me a chance to do so.
In the future, and  as a result of what you heard, read, and saw in the event, I would you like to do develop and facilitate a Mooc for teachers of English in israel.  This Mooc should be recognized by the Ministry of Education  a professional development course.

Link to a more detailed review of Ludmila's session
Link to images (screenshots taken during tthe session)

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